The new provincial centre for the Italian Cancer League in Biella is both an association recognized by the Piedmont Region and a non-profit organisation operating throughout the province territory. Founded in 1995, LILT Biella pursues an active and ongoing commitment to the fight against the disease through:

  • Cancer Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social reintegration of patients with cancer

The LILT Biella commitment to the fight against cancer as well as the passion for pursuit of the aims are accompanied by values that guide the professionals on a daily basis: the respect for others, the return of dignity to the person, the sharing of care goals and intervention choices, the acceptance combined with expertise, the ideal of subsidiarity and of doing good, the active and constant commitment, the assumption of responsibility and never giving up.
These principles and values fully represent our philosophy and the way we work, the attention we place towards people and the respect for those who are facing a difficult time.

Discover LILT SPACE, Cancer Prevention and Rehabilitation Center.

Prevenzione tumori a Biella -  LILT Biella - Guide di prevenzione


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