Rehabilitation Facilities – LILT SPACE

Oncological Rehabilitation is aimed at people with cancer, those who have recovered from it and those who live a long time after being diagnosed with the disease.
Today you heal more, and in any case, even when you do not reach healing you can still live with the disease. The quality of life is therefore essential, and especially for long survivors. It is therefore necessary to have a comprehensive intervention (physical, psychological, occupational) to help the patient and his family to adapt to life standards similar to those before the disease.


Following pulmonary resection surgery (segmentectomy, lobectomy, pneumonectomy) it could happen to have a respiratory function impairment. At LILT SPACE after physical evaluation, the physiotherapist intervenes to achieve maximum recovery of functionality.
It is used for exercises to be carried out in small groups in order to promote adequate functional physical recovery through adapted physical activity and adapted exercise.
The outpatient facilities, consisting of three equipped rooms, have been specifically designed for physiotherapy treatments that must be carried out individually.
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