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National LILT, Italian League against Cancer, has recently set up SPAZIO LILT, LILT SPACE, a multifunctional advanced Oncology Centre for Northern Italy to meet the numerous population needs on a much wider area than just Biella. It performs a fundamental activity in the areas of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention: lifestyles, cancer early diagnosis and rehabilitation.


Nutrition & Dietetics

Proper nutrition is essential for a good quality of life and to age well. Eating the right foods can help maintain healthier and happier people, then learning the rules of healthy eating since childhood becomes fundamental.
The dietological outpatient facility targets people with diseases such as cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases (infarct, stroke), dyslipidaemia, diabetes, digestive pathologies and hypertension related to overweight as well as menopause.

Secondary Healthcare Anti-Smoking Centre

The LILT Secondary Healthcare Anti-Smoking Centre of Biella refers to a second tier of the health system, in which patients from primary health care are referred to our medical-psychological specialists for the care and treatment of smokers. The aim is to help them in the difficult process of overcoming physical and psychological dependence on tobacco smoke.
A pulmonologist and a psychologist combine their expertise to help people who have an addiction to tobacco smoking. Two hundred and seventy-five accesses in all 2018 for both a synergy and a complementarity that have given excellent results.

Childhood Obesity Outpatient Facility

The Childhood Obesity Outpatient Facility is aimed at helping children, through their parents’ intervention, as well as teenagers to change their lifestyles to prevent and treat the overweight and the obesity in evolutionary age. The focus is to help redefine their behaviours to improve their life quality.
Since 2018, the outpatient facility employs a multi-professionals team composed by a paediatrician, a dietitian, a nutritionist, a psychologist, an expert in Physical Education and Sport Sciences, who work together to help children and adolescents to change their lifestyles.

Otolaryngology and Oral Medicine

The Otolaryngology and Oral Medicine Outpatient Facility is aimed at promoting and increasing the early detection and diagnosis of both precancerous and cancerous common oral, oropharynx, hypopharynx and larynx lesions.
AT LILT SPACE thanks to a high-definition videolaryngoscope, it is possible to carry out a panendoscopy of the upper airways with the inspection of the different districts.


Screening programmes together with early detection and diagnosis are nowadays the main resources to treat Colorectal Cancer. According to the National Polyp Study data, colonoscopy associated with a possible polypectomy showed a 76% to 90% reduction in the Colorectal Cancer Incidence.
At LILT SPACE an advanced colonscope is used for the early diagnosis of the Large Intestine Cancers.


We all have a few moles on our skin. However an asymmetrical mole with irregular edges, changing colour size or shape, deserves maximum attention because it could be a melanoma. Early diagnosis nowadays allows for an improvement in survival of up to 80%.
The Dermatology Outpatient Facility is aimed at the early detection of skin cancers (melanomas, epitheliomas, others…) through the help of a Digital Video Dermatoscope (Dermascope).


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women and its incidence is particularly high in higher-income economy countries, even if with a reduction in onset age at first signs. Although the number of cases is increasing, thanks to prevention and early diagnosis the chance of recovering from the disease has more than doubled over the last 10 years, so it has improved the women life quality.
The LILT SPACE Breast Cancer Outpatient Facility offers the possibility for all women to receive a breast examination or an advanced ultrasound control for the early breast cancers diagnosis.


After breast cancer, which is the most frequent one, the main types of genital cancers in women are cervical, endometrial, ovarian and vulva tumour.
At LILT SPACE the Gynaecological Outpatient Facility was created to offer early-diagnosis-oriented visits in female genital cancers.


The male genital system deserves attention as for the female one. For this reason LILT SPACE has prepared a unit specifically aimed at men to promote the early diagnosis of urogenital apparatus cancer problems.
The specialist examination is provided with an ultrasound examination and the PSA control (Prostate Specific Antigen).

Ecography (Ultrasound)

Ultrasound is an ideal screening test in multiple Preventive Medicine investigations. It allows an early diagnosis that can be made when the disease doesn’t still give any ailment, to lead to the complete patient healing . At LILT SPACE the Ecography Outpatient Clinic performs ultrasound exams to thyroid, bladder, as well as upper, lower and general abdomen.

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