Psycho-Oncology Outpatient Facility

Ambulatorio Psico-Oncologico

After a cancer diagnosis, everything changes. Relying on a professional helps you deal with changes and difficulties.
Early diagnosis and prevention can save your life. When the diagnosis of a cancer enters into everyday life, everything changes.
Some people say that “time stops”, “as if someone had hammered the clock”.

There is a storm of emotions with experiences of anxiety, sadness, depression, strong anger, guilt, helplessness, discouragement, fear, loss of pleasure and gratification (including a reduction in sexual desire).
From the moment of diagnosis life changes, it is perceived as different from “before”; relationships with others change; relationships and roles change; you change at work.
Moreover, the body perception also changes, the image that the person has of himself, of self-confidence and of one’s own value (self-esteem).

What’s the point of talking to a psychologist?

It’s about being able to talk about how you feel, your fears, what has just happened.
It serves to look to the present, recalling the past, to return to look with confidence to the future.
It is used to rediscover one’s body, sexuality and intimacy even after surgery.
It is used to free yourself from the feeling of being sick when the disease has gone.
It is used to rebuild from the inside out and to discover that life not only continues, but that it can still be beautiful.
It is used to process the mourning resulting from the loss of a loved one.

LILT Biella’s Psycho-Oncology Outpatient Facility offers support to families affected by cancer diagnosis. Discover the “Family Together” Project.

Psycho-oncology Outpatient Facility: P.’s experience

P., son of a patient admitted to Hospice, tells us about the Psycho-Oncology Facility :

“The disease disrupts life and even more if the disease hits the person who has given me life, my mother. The diagnosis left no hope: cancer at the fourth stage. My family had always been very close but it was too big for us.
Psychological support was the key to be able to do all the painful and heartbreaking journey with my mother.
I have to really thank LILT Biella because in its ‘organisation’ it included this psychological help, without which I could not ‘accompany’ my mother, especially in the last days, trying to convey the serenity of which we both needed so much. She was suffering not only physically but also psychologically because she had to ‘abandon’ her beloved family. On the other side, I was suffering because I had to be able to face and accept the loss of her that I loved so much.
I will always be grateful because my psychologist taught me that ‘I had to do it alone, even if I was not alone.

How to access the service

Visits are on appointment. You can book your visit by filling in the form 24 hours a day or by calling LILT Biella on 0158352111 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Doctors and professionals, Psycho-Oncology Outpatient Facility – LILT SPACE:

Dott.ssa Antonella Fornaro
Dott.ssa Antonella Fornaro



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