The Biella Hospice Care Services

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Biella Hospice cares services to give the best quality of life to patients in advanced stages of disease

LILT Biella has started the management of the Hospice services in 2001, first through the support of “L’Orsa Maggiore” Foundation and then since July 2017 through an agreement with the Local Health Authority of Biella,  ASLBI,   which has permitted the direct management at Biella hospital building. The main aim is to offer human touch and specialized professional support to people who are going through a very difficult time in their lives.

Biella Hospice offers services focused on the patient and their families. Welcomed by a well-equipped facility, they can take advantage of the staff’s support and expertise and live with more serenity a difficult time.

Hospice Services: Psychological Support

When the diagnosis of illness breaks into a family people face a number of problems and very complicated experiences. The family enters a turmoil of emotions that are difficult to deal with order and serenity.

For this reason, psychological support plays a major role. It is addressed to the patient and his/her family since hospitalisation as psychological support is also aimed at fostering communication between the patient and the family, facilitating a process of harmony in the path of adaptation to the disease.

The family is supported and accompanied in the development of mourning both in its early stage during the period of relative Hospice admission and, if required, after the death of their loved one.

The Mercury Project  is active in Hospice in order to offer support to families.

Hospice Services: Spending the Night with Your Loved One

The family member who wishes can stand next to the loved one at night, thanks to the equipment in each room of a “retractable” bed, and during lunch and dinner. Those who want can buy a meal voucher at the administrative office in the department.


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    Dove si trova l’Hospice

    L’Hospice di Biella si trova in Via dei Ponderanesi 2, in un’ala del Nuovo Ospedale degli Infermi di Biella presso l’area delle Degenze Ovest, terzo piano, blocco D.